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When it comes to commercial cleaning equipment, ‘buying smart’ means getting the very best for your money. Unfortunately, shopping for what your business needs can be grueling and difficult. There are countless manufacturers out there and hundreds of different types of everything.

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So what exactly are you going to buy, and how are you going to know which model is right for you? Here at Equipment Street, we take smart shopping very seriously—which is why we do what we do. Buying smart will save you money, but it involves a bit of leg-work.

Fortunately for you, this ‘leg-work’ is already accomplished for you when you utilize our website to shop for commercial cleaning equipment. Equipment Street can help you to stay on top of equipment trends. Keeping up with the latest technology will save you time, effort, and money. Plus, you would be amazed at how inexpensively you can acquire what you need when the manufacturers compete for your business!

By posting what you need on Equipment Street, you will have your request sent out to leading, qualified equipment dealers who will then provide you with specifications on the most current models available. This will help you to figure out exactly what the latest trends, features, and technologies are without requiring you to spend any time researching! You will literally have all of the work done for you with Equipment Street.

We also supply a unique ‘Ask the Expert’ service that will allow you to request assistance from one of our in-house commercial cleaning experts. You can ask questions about features, different equipment designs, how to create quote requests, etc. You will basically get zero-cost consultation for any questions that you might have during the process—thereby allowing you to make the best, most educated decision possible.

Shop owners tell us that one of the most daunting tasks associated with setting up and maintaining an commercial cleaning service business is finding the right dealers/manufacturers through which to obtain the equipment and supplies needed to go to work.

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Outfitting or upgrading your shop might not seem like a big deal when you’re making the shopping list—but its amazing how quickly it can become overwhelming when you start to filter through your option.

A quick Google search can easily yield hundreds of results for commercial cleaning equipment dealers, all vying for your money and claiming that they are offering the best that the industry has to offer. What they’re not telling you, however, is that shopping by dealer like this is no longer the best way to find what you’re looking for.

Believe it or not, shopping for equipment is extremely difficult when you decide to do it on your own. Investigating listings can be endless work, and sifting through the relevant information can take up tremendous amounts of your time. Plus, after you have gone to the trouble of finding sellers and researching their inventory, you are then faced with the daunting task of making phone calls, visiting to see what they have in stock, etc. This is all time that could be put towards better things.

Here at Equipment Street, we utilize the competitiveness of the market to make the process easier for you. Setting up an account with us is totally free, and will allow you access to our marketplace—which consists of thousands of quality sellers. Here, you can post listings for equipment that you need in an easy-to-use format where dealers and manufacturers can quickly respond with quotes. Since they are actually competing with each other for your business, you can expect to receive the very best prices and the highest level of quality that the industry has to offer.

A full range of additional tools can help you to narrow down your choices, eventually leading you to the quote that will work the best for your business and budget.

Buying commercial cleaning equipment might not be inexpensive—but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be made affordable. Equipment Street makes it easy to purchase what you need by offering a variety of financing options designed to meet almost any budget need.

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If you’re worried about finding the capital you need to purchase the equipment you require, Equipment Street Financing can provide you with monthly payment lease plans or working capital loans that give you the borrowing power you need to keep your business growing.

To put it very simply, we have a financing plan that can be customized for almost any type of commercial cleaning-service business. We make affording the perfect equipment or furniture for your shop easy. Whether you plan on leasing, getting an equipment loan, or getting a working capital (cash flow) loan, we can help.

When you apply for a lease or loan on Equipment Street, you will automatically enjoy market-leading pricing that will make procuring equipment more affordable than you ever would have thought possible. Applying is as simple as a few clicks of the mouse—and almost instantly you will be able to get your company prequalified for the financing you require.

We also employ unique risk-assessment tools to help you enhance your buying/selling experience in our marketplace. Through Cortera, our risk-management partner, you’ll benefit from in-depth data that will include credit overviews of the companies vying for your business. This will help to minimize risk while you choose the seller that best suits your needs and goals.

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Carpet Cleaners

  • Remember that size matters when it comes to carpet cleaners! A larger model will have a more powerful motor and will be capable of heavier-duty jobs.
  • Look for a model with separate tanks for hot water and cleaning solution. This makes re-filling the machine faster and easier.
  • Does the model in question come with any attachments? If so, will they do what you need them to do?
  • Make sure to consider the weight of the cleaner. Will you be able to use it without a problem, or will you need something lighter?
  • Make sure to pay attention to special features—like edge cleaning, heaters, rotating brushes, etc.
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Floor Buffers

  • Is the buffer in question a ‘traditional’ single-speed buffer, or a dual-speed machine?
  • Make sure to check the buffer’s rotational speed. You probably want something with at least 175 RPM.
  • Make sure that the model in question is sturdy enough for what you’ll be using it for. You might want to invest in a machine with a heavy-duty metal frame.
  • For commercial applications, you’re probably going to want a base that is at least 17-20 inches in size.
  • Consider the area that you’ll be working in. The larger the base, the larger the affected area—but a base that is too large can hinder you in small spaces.
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Floor Sanders

  • There are, for the most part, two basic types of floor sanders—the drum sander and the orbital sander.
  • If you plan on refinishing a floor (or a lot of floors), then you might want to get a drum sander—as they usually work the best for these types of applications.
  • If you’re in a tight space or can’t sand parallel to the wood grain, then an orbital sander may be better.
  • Make sure to keep your work-load in mind when you buy. If you’re going to be doing this professionally, then you’re going to need something that will ‘stand up’ to the heavy-duty day-to-day grind.
  • While orbital sanders might be a popular choice in some instances, remember that they are much slower than drum sanders.
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Floor Strippers

  • Consider whether or not you’ll need your floor stripper to also act as a floor buffer. Some models can fill both roles.
  • If you do choose to buy a floor stripper that can double as a buffer, then make sure that changing from one to the other is easy and time-efficient.
  • If you’re going to be using this machine on a commercial or industrial level, make sure that it can handle at least 25,000 square feet of floor per hour.
  • Some floor strippers are powered by electric, while others run on propane. If you’re going to be doing industrial-sized jobs, then propane might be the way to go.
  • Make sure to check prices on replacement pads and stripper solution before buying a particular brand or model.
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Pressure Washers

  • Some of the largest and most powerful pressure-washers are trailer-mounted. This is probably what you’ll want for the largest commercial projects.
  • Some pressure washers produce hot water—which can be a lot more effective for some types of projects.
  • Pressure washers are generally either powered by electric or gas. Electric is great for smaller or less mobile applications—though gas is usually better for larger projects or mobile systems.
  • For light-duty applications, you’re going to want around 2,000 PSI.
  • If you’re going to be using your pressure washer for heavy duty projects, then make sure to get something that will provide at least 3,000-4,000 PSI.
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Floor Scrubbers

  • If the area that needs scrubbing is wide-open and large, then a ride-on floor scrubber might be the best choice.
  • When buying a scrubber, don’t just consider the largest space. Will you need to use it on smaller areas as well? Making sure that you can use it in bathrooms or in other tightly confined spaces might save you a ton of time.
  • Does the scrubber-in-question utilize deep cycle batteries (such as AGM sealed batteries) that don’t give off gases while being charged? If not, then make sure that you have a well-ventilated area for charging.
  • Make sure to check the speed of the scrubber. Different speeds are better for different applications—so take this into account while shopping.
  • Does the model in question come with a solution tank? These are incredibly useful for scrubbing and stripping floors.
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Floor Sweepers

  • There are basically two different types to choose from when it comes to floor sweepers— the walk-behind model, and the riding model.
  • A lot of indoor sweepers are either brushless or contain ‘brushes’. These different blade designs will impact how the sweeper performs.
  • Brushless blades are made of rubber, and are easier to keep clean.
  • Brush blades work together to clean up more dirt in a single pass.
  • Some floor sweepers are simply mechanical and require no power—though you’ll probably want something more powerful than this for all but the most limited applications.
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Vacuum Cleaners

  • There are many vacuum models to choose from—so make sure to take into account exactly what you’re going to be using it for.
  • If you’re going to be cleaning commercially, then you might want to consider a canister vacuum (especially if you’re going to be cleaning stairs).
  • When buying a vacuum, you’ll need to consider whether or not you’ll want a model that utilizes bags (you can also get a ‘bagless’ model).
  • Bags tend to hold more dust and cause less of it to be released into the air, but they are more expensive and require you to keep new bags on hand at all times.
  • If you’re concerned with air purity, make sure that your vacuum comes with an official HEPA filter.
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