O'Dell Restaurant Consulting

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Business Details
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    Shawnee, KS
O'Dell Restaurant Consulting offers operations consulting, marketing consulting, and strategic planning for currently operating and startup food services including restaurants, private clubs, caterers, contract management food services, concessions and more. We also operate a download store offering spreadsheets and other tools to assist food service operations with day to day management.
Product Offerings
Download Excel spreadsheets and Word templates - Ready to download and use directly from the webstore on our website. Host your spreadsheets on a cloud storage service such as Google Drive or Dropbox and access them from any device equipped with an app that edits Excel or Word documents.

Web based applications - Coming soon!
Service Offerings
Advisory consulting - Receive assistance on an as needed basis, billed hourly. Use when there is no defined project and measurable goal. Advisory consulting can often be done via telephone and email. 

Project consulting - Receive assistance based on one price for the whole project. Use when there are measurable goals to accomplish, and a start and end to the project can be defined. Project consulting can often be done via telephone and email, but occasionally requires an on-site visit.
Brandon O'Dell currently partners with several large food service industry websites as a regular contributor, offering consulting to site members and downloadable spreadsheets and operational tools.
Customer Testimonials
"I have been fortunate enough to have belonged to a core group of individuals involved in a foodservice forum. During those years Brandon O'Dell has consistently provided sound, accurate and timely advice to novices and professionals alike. It has been a true pleasure reading his words." 
- Steve Armstrong, Chef/Owner, Chef At Your Door, Personal Chef/Catering 

"I have had the privilege of knowing Brandon O’Dell for over 10 years. His intelligence and knowledge of the food service industry never cease to amaze me. Brandon came to Washburn with his state-of-art programs and designs and brought Washburn out of the dark ages in regards to providing current programs and merchandising placement. He created some of the best in-house brand concepts that I have ever seen. His concepts are better than Sodexho, Compass Group, and even ARAMARK. Brandon was able to teach my staff and I brilliant accounting and tracking programs that gave us better insight and control over our daily business. Brandon, we at Washburn University would like to thank-you for your time and patience. Your dedication to helping others achieve their goals and objectives is evident in your enthusiasm and focus." 
- Jerry Comstock 

"The thing that has totally impressed me about Brandon is his no-nonsense approach to business. He doesn’t speak loudly or put on a show, you ask him a question and he answers quietly and directly with no fanfare, no hype or no spin. His honesty is refreshing!! His knowledge and abilities are right in there with the best of them!" 
- Howard Black BrightStar Drive-In Restaurants
Based out of Kansas City, O'Dell Restaurant Consulting services the entire U.S.
Current Specials
Free 30-minute telephone consultation, not a sales pitch. Receive 30 minutes of phone time with Brandon O'Dell for free with no obligation of purchase.