Where to Finance Security and Alarm Equipment

EquipmentStreet.com wants to change the way that business owners think about buying and leasing security and alarm equipment. The company uses a unique program that lets the sellers of that equipment find buyers without the buyers spending a lot of time running around town, comparing prices, and worrying that they need to purchase all of their security products from more than one company. When it comes to security and alarm financing, EquipmentStreet.com offers different options for shoppers.

$1 Buyout

The $1 buyout program is a good choice for small business owners and those who own larger companies. Many business owners find that they don't have a lot of cash on hand when they first start their company, which makes it difficult to buy the security products and alarms that they need to keep their companies safe. This unique program lets them lease new, state-of-the-art products and use those products until the lease expires. They can lease those items for as little as 12 months or as long as 60 months. After the lease expires, shoppers have the option of purchasing that equipment for just $1.

Seasonal Plans

While many business owners dream of seeing their companies succeed right off the bat, many people find themselves struggling in the first few years. EquipmentStreet.com offers seasonal plans for those interested in business security and alarm equipment that makes using those products easier. A seasonal plan lets buyers make larger and smaller payments throughout the year as their customer base fluctuates. For example, gyms and fitness centers often make more money in the late winter, early spring and early summer as shoppers make resolutions and want to get in shape for the summer, but their business drops off in the fall and winter. With a seasonal plan, they can make larger payments when they have more business.

Customized Plans

EquipmentStreet.com also offers customized security and alarm financing plans. The company will actually work with shoppers and help them build a plan that works for them. Some business owners might prefer longer lease terms, while others want a shorter lease term. In addition to offering customized plans, EquipmentStreet.com also offers easy leasing security and alarm equipment. Business owners will find that they can apply for a lease online while at home or at work. EquipmentStreet.com will give you a response in as little as 60 seconds. Buying the right security products and new alarms for a business just got a little easier.