Where to Finance Restaurant Equipment

Behind every great restaurant sits the equipment that the chefs and other workers use to produce the best food. New restaurant owners often discount the importance of equipment, thinking that they only need a handful of products. When they open for business, they quickly discover that they can't survive and function without a variety of different products. With restaurant equipment financing, restaurant owners can provide their workers with everything they need.

Types of Restaurant Equipment

Commercial restaurant equipment includes a large number of different items. Most restaurants need one or more commercial coolers, which some refer to as walk-in refrigerators. These refrigerators keep foods cooled to the right temperature until the chefs use those products. Most professional kitchens also need a point of sale system and one or more ice machines. A point of sale system will help restaurant owners keep track of how much money they spend, how much money comes into the restaurant, and even tips that diners leave on credit cards. Other types of commercial restaurant equipment include food slicers, freezers, and fryers.

Importance of the Right Products

The biggest mistake that restaurant owners and managers can make when it comes to leasing restaurant equipment involves the equipment itself. More than half of all new restaurants fail within the first year of opening, and many of those restaurants fail because the owners don't know what products they need. Some make the mistake of not buying enough equipment, while others make the mistake of buying too much equipment. Those owners need to decide exactly what they need before they open.

Buying Equipment Today

Equipment Street offers a unique system for restaurant owners, chefs, and managers. Instead of searching the web for affordable prices on restaurant equipment, they can buy products for far less. Equipment Street lets interested parties create an account and list the commercial products that they need. Users can then post their want list on the website and let companies come to them. Companies that offer new restaurant equipment search the site for people in need, get in touch with those people, and create financing agreements.

Why Lease?

Leasing restaurant equipment is a far better option than buying that equipment. A new commercial fryer or meat slicer can easily cost a few thousand dollars, and many new business owners just can't afford to spend that much money out of pocket upfront. Even established restaurants might have financial problems that make replacing old or outdated equipment out of their reach. Equipment Street helps owners with their restaurant equipment financing needs. Shoppers can create an account, sit back, and let the deals come to them. This unique system lets those with commercial products make bids, and restaurant owners can look through those bids to find the best prices and financing terms. Leasing restaurant equipment is easier than ever, thanks to Equipment Street.