Where to Finance Automotive Equipment

More than 20,000 vendors use EquipmentStreet.com every day to find people in need of automotive equipment and other products. Those vendors know that the website makes it easier for them to find buyers and for buyers to find the products that they need for their repair shops and mechanic shops. While some people opt to buy new products, others know that leasing automotive equipment is an easier alternative. EquipmentStreet.com wants repair shop owners to know that they can find everything they need in one simple place.

Why Lease Equipment?

Some business owners scoff at the idea of leasing new equipment, but those people don't realize that leasing has a number of advantages over buying. It can cost thousands of dollars for one single piece of machinery, and some repair shops will find that they only use that machinery once every few months. It can take years for a company to break even after buying a new piece of equipment. Leasing automotive equipment also gives companies the chance to try various products before committing to buy that equipment. This helps companies learn what items they actually need and which items they can skip buying.

Lease to Own

EquipmentStreet.com offers two simple financing plans that let shoppers lease products and machinery until they want to buy. The $1 buyout plan comes with financing terms of 12 months up to 60 months. Shoppers agree to pay their monthly fees every month until the contract ends. They can then buy the item they leased for $1. Depending on the arrangements made, EquipmentStreet.com might require that buyers make at least two payments upfront before the lease begins. Another option is the fair market value lease. Once the lease on those products end, customers agree to pay the fair market value to buy those items.

Other Programs

h2 EquipmentStreet.com realizes that different companies need different types of automotive equipment financing, which is why it offers more than just one leasing plan. The seasonal leasing plan is a good option for companies that report higher sales during certain seasons than they do other seasons. EquipmentStreet.com will look at the financial cycle reported by the shopper and determine when the shopper can make higher payments and when the payments need to drop based on their income. The company also offers customized plans that let shoppers choose their own payment terms.

Apply for Financing

Applying for financing with EquipmentStreet.com is easy. Shoppers need to setup an account with the website in the same way that they would if they wanted to buy products from registered vendors. They can then apply for automotive equipment financing online. After logging into their account, they need to answer a few questions about their finances and business. EquipmentStreet.com will examine those answers and give the customer an answer in less than one minute. After they receive financing approval, they can start looking for the automotive equipment that they need to open or operate a repair shop.