About Us

Welcome to Equipment Street. Equipment Street is solely focused on facilitating the acquisition of equipment by streamlining the procurement process and offering affordable payment options to assist the business sector in achieving their growth goals. This online business resource was developed to provide a digital marketplace that eliminates the barriers that buyers and sellers face in today's highly complex and market saturated environment.

When business buyers attempt to seek out a potential seller to meet a specific equipment need, the preferred search method has now become the web. The arrival of internet technology has led to the growth of the online business directory category. Therefore, buying and selling through online web portals is rapidly growing. The key motivator for this trend was cost and time efficiency for both parties. Unfortunately, with the web, you can get too much of a good thing. For example, a general Google search of the term "business directory" results in nearly 2 million listings, making it extremely challenging to obtain information in a timely and usable fashion.

Equipment Street cuts through the information overload and provides buyers and sellers of commercial equipment with a single destination to procure equipment. Buyers can easily search for a specific equipment type, identify potential sellers, research their offerings, and select the best company that matches their needs, all on one site.

Sellers can now be found by potential buyers more conveniently than ever. By simply opening up Equipment Street “storefront” you will be instantly accessible to new buyers, who can find you with just a few clicks of the mouse. Equipment Street enables equipment dealers, distributors and manufacturers to greatly increase their web presence and further expand their market reach, ensuring business buyers are aware of the solutions they are able to provide.

Equipment Street has no vested interest in what company (sellers) buyers choose to do business with. Many existing business directories only recommend sellers that pay to get mentioned. We feel this creates an unfair and unbalanced marketplace. Equipment Street empowers buyers to engage any seller they see as a strong fit to meet their equipment needs. Sellers gain the ability to freely compete and win transactions based on the merit of their solution.