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Why businesses like yours are meeting on the "Street":

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  • Close more business with cash and finance options.

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Why businesses like yours are meeting on the "Street":

  • On average, our buyers save 30% or more on their equipment purchases.
  • Save time by reducing your shopping time by 50% or more.
  • Get multiple bids from competing sellers — better prices for you.
  • Affordable financing payment plans available.

Posting your project takes only a minute and our shopping service is completely free. Simply describe what equipment you need and we do the shopping for you.

Since we support over ten different equipment types, we can meet almost any equipment need your business has.

Unless you request it, we keep your company name completely confidential until you are ready to review seller quotes.

It really is that easy to meet your equipment purchasing needs.

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You have the option to search for sellers on your own… selecting the ones that you feel best meet your needs. Shop for sellers within a certain mile radius from your business or nationally, you are in complete control.

If you want Equipment Street to do the work, just post your equipment need and wait for the quotes to come in. Think of us as your personal shopping service.

Whatever way you select to shop, you will find that we will cut your shopping time in half.

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Getting multiple equipment sellers competing for your business accomplishing one main thing…it saves your company money.

On average our buyers are saving 30% or more on their Equipment Street purchases.

By using our “Seller Chat” functionality, we make it easy to negotiate with the sellers you are working with.

You have the power to keep shopping until you find the right equipment at the right price, without ever leaving your office.

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Once you find the equipment and seller you are looking for, we give multiple ways to buy. Selecting the quoted cash price is as simple as a click.

Best of all, if cash flow is tight, we offer you monthly payment plans to help making getting the equipment you need more affordable.

Sign up today and find out how much financing your company qualifies for you in less than a minute. You can depend upon Equipment Street to meet all of your equipment procurement needs.

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What clients are saying on the "Street":

Really love the site! It has saved me so much time shopping for the equipment my restaurant needs. I just tell the sellers what I am looking for and the quotes just show up. It is great that I can either pay cash or use a financing option for the more expensive equipment. Best of all, the people are terrific to work with.

Using Equipment Street to find and buy the equipment my company needs is so simple and easy. I just post the equipment I am looking for and the site does the shopping for me. I actually can continue to work and shop for equipment at the same time.

I think Equipment Street was a great idea to help company's like mine to do less research for equipment I need for my business. Equipment Street has great customer service and my representative really helped me find the best pricing I needed to stay within my budget. It has definitely changed the way I purchase equipment; it’s faster and less stressful. It really saved me time and money. Thank you Equipment Street!